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  1. When hundreds of soldiers belonging to the 18th Airborne Corps deployed to Iraq and Kuwait last year, they weren't alone.
  2. The wires protruding from the small, misshapen stuffed animal revealed the deadly booby-trap tucked inside.
  3. Utah National Guardsman Staff Sgt. Aaron R. Butler was supporting Operation Freedom's Sentinel when an explosive device detonated.
  4. The Coast Guard said it was searching 50 miles off Hawaii for five soldiers missing after their Black Hawk helicopter crashed.
  5. Here's a look at the most popular stories this week on
  6. Five troops experienced "decompression sickness" after a C-130J cargo plane lost pressure during a training flight.
  7. The commander of the destroyer USS Fitzgerald and the executive officer face non-judicial punishment over the deadly collision.
  8. The attack left people sprawled out on the ground, some spattered with blood, others with broken limbs.
  9. The Navy has posthumously promoted the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors who perished in a June 17 collision with a merchant ship.
  10. It remains unclear why the FOIA request for information about the WIC and SNAP programs was denied.

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