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  1. Over SpouseBuzz’s more than 10 years the blog has had a few different looks, but one thing has stayed constant: we’ve always been a part...
  2. By Liesel Kershul, MilitaryOneClick.com If you’ve been on social media in the past few weeks, you’ve more than likely come across someone on Facebook or...
  3. Haven’t you always wanted to buy commissary store brand cheese? Whether or not “Freedom’s Choice” cheese is your dream come true, you’ll likely be seeing...
  4. On one hand, there are spouses who say that a military ball is a work event that requires a certain amount of classiness (as in...
  5. By J.G. Noll, MilitaryOneClick.com A Navy wife for 23 years, Kerri-Leigh Grady has two kids, a husband who has often deployed, and a string of...

MCVET recently conducted a "MCVET Informative" with 98 Rock FM.

The results of this on air interview are detailed and available by Clicking Here:


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