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  1.   As a controversy rages over a decision by President Donald Trump to write condolence letters to families of recently fallen troops and his claims...
  2. There’s someone brand new on the Navy’s hospital ship USNS Comfort, which is currently anchored off the coast of Puerto Rico where it is providing...
  3. Picture this: It’s homecoming day, and you’re in active labor with your second child. That was Marine Corps spouse Katrina Wythes’ reality in late August...
  4. Chris Field, MilitaryOneClick.com Hi, Rebekah — I enjoyed your recent piece on the to-kneel-or-not-to-kneel thing engulfing our country lately. I wanted to hate it, in...
  5. I considered it once: I tried to freeze and keep everything exactly the way it was before my husband left on deployment. I was afraid...

MCVET recently conducted a "MCVET Informative" with 98 Rock FM.

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